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Our Curriculum

Comprehensive, Integrated, Inspiring 

Our Montessori curriculum is a spiral of interrelated, cross­curriculum study. One lesson leads to many others. For example, a history lesson may link to concepts about architecture, the arts, sciences, and technology. This learning spiral helps students make meaningful connections between their studies and the world around them. 

How It Works 

Our teachers begin study with the big picture and move towards increasing detail. Starting in preschool, students are introduced to large concepts such as reading, geography, mathematics, botany, or zoology. As students move on into elementary and middle school, the concepts are revisited, each time with more detail and complexity. Because we have multi-age classrooms, older students are able to mentor younger students, deepening topic understanding for both the mentor and mentee. 

What We Study

At the beginning of the school year, children are introduced to Montessori's Great Lessons. These big-picture themes, such as "The Coming of the Universe and the Earth" and "The Coming of Human Beings", spark imagination, give students an understanding of their place on Earth and give context to the topics they'll study throughout the year. 
Aspects Academy's curriculum includes: 

  • Science and Environmental Studies

  • Mathematics

  • Language Arts and Reading

  • Social Studies and Ancient History

  • Fine Arts

  • Life Skills


Our montessori curriculum is a spiral of interrelated cross­curriculum study. 
This graphic shows how: 

•    Everything is interrelated. One lesson leads to many others.
•    The child moves from the concrete toward abstract understanding.
•    We always work from the big picture to increasing detail.
•    Every three years major themes in the curriculum are studied again


Academic Performance

Aspects Academy students out-perform their peers on standardized tests, stand out at academic competitions, and transition easily into secondary schools, including some of the best college preparatory schools in the state. 

Beyond Academics 

Students will use the life skills they learn at Aspects Academy well into adulthood. In addition to academic skills, they will acquire: 

  • Critical and Strategic Thinking Skills

  • Collaboration and Communication Skills

  • A Sense of Personal Responsibility and Worth

  • Capacity of Self-Control and Internal Motivation

  • Leadership Skills

  • Time-Management Skills

  • Joy of Learning for Learning's Sake

Results that Last a Lifetime 

Unlike many of today's conventional schools, Aspects Academy does not "teach to the test." Instead, we focus on helping each student achieve their best, in the classroom and in life. 
We believe academic success occurs when students have a healthy self-image, a love of learning, and an interest in the world at large. And, our test scores prove it. 


Montessori Preschool: Ages 3 to 5 
Montessori Kindergarten: Ages 5 to 6 
Aspects Academy's Montessori Primary School begins at 3 years of age. Our Montessori teachers and assistants provide a warm and nurturing environment while supporting your child's desire and ability to learn and explore at their individual level. Our teachers use a child-centered approach with a unique, individualized learning path for every child. 

Montessori Classroom Layout 

The Montessori classroom layout is simple and thoughtful. It is organized with designated learning areas that focus on each subject, such as sensorial, math, geography, etc. Montessori school materials used in the classroom are child-sized and accessible to the students.

Montessori Primary Curriculum 

Montessori preschool and kindergarten curriculum focuses on these 5 subject areas.


Math & Science


Practical Life

Outdoor & Physical Activity 

We feel strongly that children need to explore and enjoy nature. Our students have recess everyday! We believe it's an important time for students to run, play, and enjoy the outdoors.

Whole Child Learning

The beauty of Montessori is that the child can always be challenged at any age. They work to their individual level, not limited by low standards set for their age. This is the time when your child is a sponge. They should be introduced to purposeful learning in a calm and loving environment, where respect and kindness are key!

Montessori Day Schedule 

7:45 - 8:00 Greet children and parents as they arrive for school.               

8:00 - School begins, Group Time 

2:30 - Dismissal of children

Montessori Elementary Core Values 

Children at this age emerge from the absorbent, sponge-like mind to the dawn of reasoning. They move away from dependence to independence with a strong desire to work in groups. They are happiest when working with their peers, collaborating, and exploring their natural leadership. 
This period of development is marked by a strong willingness and desire to acquire knowledge. They feel work is fun, new, and interesting if it is being presented in various ways. As Montessori teachers, we understand and capitalize on this to keep students motivated. We work with a child-centered approach to meet each child where they are at, academically and emotionally. We build on this using their interests and strengths while offering various cross-curricular activities to strengthen and reinforce weaknesses. 


Everything is interrelated. One lesson leads to many others. Our Montessori classrooms are intentionally prepared environments to allow the joy of self-discovery, self-correcting, and a sparking of curiosity. 


Our lessons more than meet standards, but go far beyond to offer a broader view of the world. We aim to help each student understand their place in the world, and how important choices are now and in the future. Our goal as teachers is to guide them, rather than to lead or decide for them. We understand and cater to each personality type and learning style with an individualized learning path. 

m.denise moore.JPG.jpg

M.Denise Moore
Director of Aspects Academy, Elementary I & ll Head Teacher 

crystal moore.jpg

Crystal Moore 
Math, Social Studies, & Technology Teacher, Knowledge Bowl, Coach

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