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About Aspects Academy
 of Learning Montessouri School.

We feel that Yahawah has called and enabled us to educate our children. We feel that cooperatively we can provide opportunities that may not be possible in a traditional school setting. 

Aspects Quick Facts:

Mascot: Lion   

Motto: "We are the S.A.L.T."    

Colors: Gold, Blue, White

Pledge: Matthew 5:13-16 

Our History 

Aspects Academy Montessori School was founded by M. Denise Moore in 2017. The purpose was then and still is today, to develop responsible world citizens. Started by a grassroots request from a group of dedicated parents, M. Denise Moore blended concepts she learned in Montessori training with her belief system of integrity, compassion, tolerance, and her boundless love towards all life on earth. The result was a place where cultures come together. 
We take pride in the reputation the school enjoys. Aspects Academy aspires to create a learning environment to compete with our community's most prestigious private schools.  We endeavor to build students with a sense of their place in the world's community through small-size classes including children of mixed ages -- where students progress according to their abilities and strengths, rather than being categorized by age. The Academy fosters self-confidence and leadership skills. But, most of all, we are proud of the character and accomplishments exhibited by our students, all of whom pledge to remain connected to the Aspects Academy community that started them on their way. 


To teach children respect, tolerance, and compassion for all life on Earth. 
When people talk about what makes Aspects special, many mention our Montessori approach, and our academic but results what sets Aspects apart is our mission.  By demonstrating how everything on Earth-from ants to elephants is connected, we help students see their place in the ongoing story of our planet. When they recognize they can make a difference in the world, students understand the purpose of their studies, the importance of independent thinking, the value of diversity, and the demands they will face as world citizens.  "We Are the Salt" 

As a result, our students work with self-discipline, internal motivation, and a joy of learning

 that helps them become successful in the classroom and in life. 
Learn more about our curriculum to find out if Aspects is right for your student! 

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